Monday, November 30, 2015


Now that was a surprise! A nice one! Excellent one! Readers of my blog know I'm not the biggest Melodifestivaen fan and I do find it way overrated. Great entertaining show yes, musicaally interesting and great? Not so much. Anyways, Krista Siegfrids continues her never stopping career going onwards in Meldoifestivalen. She has told she was asked to take part last year but said nej as the song didn't quite convince her. Now she has co-written her entry and follows Arja Saijonmaa's footsteps becoming only the second Finn to be in*. Arja scored a second place, with one point behind the winner back in 1986 with Högt över havet and returned in the 2000's with less success. Will Krista become the third time lucky Finn? Maybe not, but this is her a huge opportunity to sell her bubbly personality and music to the Swedes. After all, she has always been the odd happy "Swedish like" artist in Finland. If only she could spread that positivity, fun and happiness to other Finnish artists! I'm not usually very fond of foreign artists taking part in other countries' selections but this one is a very fitting one, not only the reasons I mentioned above but also her songwriting and production team is mstly Swedish and she's a Swedish speaker. Truth to be said, her Finnish is.... not so good! But that's part of her charm, that mixed talk of English, Swedish and Finnish that comes always with a laughter. Now let's see if the Swedish audiences will be falling for her come February 13 and Malmö... a stage she's already very familiar with! And oh boy, she's going to have one busy winter as she's also hosting the Finnish UMK!

*Well, we cannot forget Lili & Susie, Markoolio and Anna Järvinen, but they have lived and done their whole career in Sweden, desite being Finns. Järvinen has later done something also in Finland, while Päivärinta sisters and Markoolio nothing and they don't even speak Finnish while Järvinen does still speak quite good Finnish. So, Krista and Arja are real Finns. Arja made a succesful career also in Sweden, Noway and elsewhere, maybe now it's Krista's turn?

 Semi Final 1 – Göteborg, Febaruary 6

Mimi Werner – Ain’t No Good
Samir & Viktor – Bada Nakna
Robin Bengtsson – Constellation Price
Ace Wilder – Don’t Worry
Anna Book – Himmel for tva
Pernilla Andersson – Mitt guld
Albin & Mattias Andreasson – Rik

Semi Final 2 – Malmö, February 13

Viktor & Natten – 100%
Krista Siegfrids – Faller
Molly Pettersson Hammar – Hunger
Tommy Nilsson, Patrik Isaksson & Uno Svenningsson – Hall mit hjarta hart
Isa – I Will Wait
Wiktoria – Save Me
David Lindgren – We Are Your Tomorrow

Semi Final 3 – Norrköping, February 20

Oscar Zia – Human
SaRaHa – Kizunguzungu
After Dark – Kom ut som en stjarna
Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead
Boris Rene – Put Your Love On Me
SMILO – Weight of the World
Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra – You Carved My Name

Semi Final 4 – Gävle, February 27

Martin Stenmarck – Du tar mig tillbaks
Panetoz – Hall om mig hart
Frans – If I Were Sorry
Linda Bengtzing – Killer Girl
Dolly Style – Rollercoaster
Eclipse – Runaways
Molly Sanden – Youniverse

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