Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Or so the story goes. Apprently the Soviet propaganda wanted to take also the Eurovision trophy in the crazy years of change in the late 1980's. Back in 1987 the Minister of Education for the Soviet Union Veselov brought out the idea. He even had proposed popular singer Valery Leontiev as the ideal debut artist but both president Gorbachev and the leaders of Communist Party considered the idea "too radical". LOL. The talk continued until the whole union was gone by 1991.
Russia did enter the contest in 1994 and despite sending local superstars Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugatseva among others failed to make an impact, even not qualifying in the 1996 pre-selection. They took a break of a couple of years before re-entering and have been very succesful ever since with one victory, 4 second places and two third places so far....
Nine other former republics of the Soviet Union have entered the contest since 1990's though: Lithuania 1994, Estonia 1994, Latvia 2000, Ukraine 2003, Belarus 2004, Moldova 2005, Armenia 2006, Georgia 2007, and Azerbaijan 2008. Four of them have also won the contest: 2001 Estonia, 2002 Latvia, 2004 Ukraine, 2008 Russia and 2011 Azerbaijan - now that would have been quite Irish like success if they still would have been under USSR...... 
But how would have the Soviet debut have been like? Something like this perhaps:

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