Sunday, November 29, 2015


The first four artists and their songs wee presented here, and here come the other four. The four full Italians whose songs are much more Italian and mainstream and Sanremo-esque, except maybe Irama. But I do like all these four, too, more or less. But I guess the winner will be among the other four. Maybe. 
Chiara Dello Iacovo (19) comes from Asti and  is fresh from The Voice. She plays piano and guitar and has studied singing, and her aim is to become a good songwriter. She started in English but has then switched into Italian. 
Check out her video here and the live here.
Francesco Gabbani (33)  from Carrara is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He already tasted success with his band Trikobalto that released two albums, and in 2013 he released his debut solo album. The past two years he has concentrated on writing song for others but now he's back singing himself. 
Check out his video here and the live here.
Irama (Filippo Maria Fanti) is 19-year-old and comes from Monza. This is his first real exposure and brings some pop hip hop and rap to Sanremo. He started experimenting with music and word in freestyle competitions with his friends. 
Check out his video here and the live here.
Miele or Manuela Paruzzo (26) comes from Sicily. That's were she started her career by winning some local talent contests. Now it's her time to shine nationwide. 
Check out her video here and the live here.

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