Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Belarus has received 84 songs for their national final, quite a drop from last year's 110. Tomorrow November 26 and December 1 these 84 songs will be performed live for a jury (you can follow it live on it seems) that will select the finalists (15) for the national final to be held on January 15, 2016 in Minsk. The names should be out on December 2.
In the final there will be televote only and let's see how that will end like. Belarus is famous for scandals and changes and all sort of things before and especially after their national final..... Can they make it right the first time? What will Lukashenko say?
Quite many previous wannabes are at it again from Alexey Gross to Janet, Chistyi Golos and Napoli. And Aura, Sweet Brains..,  Alexey Gross (pictured) has a long history in the contest, he has taken part most every year lately.... will he finally win?
Here are some of his entries: One way love (2013), If I could do it all again (2014), Stand as one (2015) and his entry for 2016 is Flame. Or is it Superman lover?

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