Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The Spanish folk/heavy rock band Mägo de Oz wants to do Eurovision song contest bad. They have revealed they want to bring something new and fresh to Eurovision and shake up the Spanish bad record recently in it. Band's leader Txus de Fellatio confess they have been begging their label Warner to send them for years now.... After another failure with something typically Eurovision, Swedish written nonsense this year, maybe the Spanish broadcaster is ready to go for something for more risky that might pay off in the end? 
Band's music has a Celtic vibe with the usage of violinist and flautist to enrich their sound. They have released 12 stuio albums since 1994 and have collected gold, diamond and platinum discs along the way. They would surely not go unnoticed, to the horror of Eurovision glitter bubble gum purists and indeed bring in something new and fresh like Lordi did almost ten years ago. And they could surely come up with a 3 minute cocktail of folk, heavy and why not tango the way no one before..... RTVE.... wake up!

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