Monday, February 09, 2015


Ireland has announced their five entries this morning and later tonight they will be played on radio. I will add links as usua later, but if you want to listen them live, you can do it here. From 4pm CET. Some familiar names among the artists an song writers. Nikki Kavanagh returns after being 2nd in 2011 behind Jedward. Eurovision winner Charlie McGettigan has written Kat Mohan's song. Alex Saint comes from Zambia and Erika Selin from Sweden, also known from Swedish Idols. Molly Sterling is only 16 so also ireland plays the teenager card. One can only wonder why Ireland has hired foreign songwriters and artists.... I have no clue!

Nikki Kavaragh - Memories
Kat Mohan - Anybody got a shoulder
Alex Saint & MJ's - She's so fine
Erika Selin - Break me up
Molly Sterling - Playing with numbers

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