Thursday, February 12, 2015


OGAE Italy is present in Sanremo and they interviewed Lara Fabian (here, in Italian) who represented Luxemburg in 1988 Eurovision with Croire, finishing 4th (behind cartain Celine Dion for example). This year, as we know, the Sanremo winner will be handed the ticket to Vienna 2015 Eurovision with a possibility to turn down the offer as well. Lara Fabian failed to impress Italians in the first night and her Voce is among the bottom-4 songs in risk of an elimination from the final. These days it has also emerged a general Italian has no clue who she is, fueled by some "well informed" journalists who shold be stripped off their accreditation immediately. Anyways.... when asked if she should win would she do it again, go to Vienna and represent Italy? 
"I have already done it. In my career I don't want to repeat things 
but go ahead for new things. I would turn it down, 
I have done Eurovision already. It was a great experience and such fun!"

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