Saturday, February 14, 2015


Sanremo's 65th festival comes to and end tonight, or rather early hours of Sunday. We already have two winners as Nek won the Covers night, and Giovanni Caccamo the newcomers aka Nuove Proposte last night. he also picked both special awards given by the critics named after Mia Martini, and the press, named after Lucio Dalla. Four artists with their songs didn't make it to the final: both Eurovision veterans Lara Fabian and Raf, comic duo Biggio e Mandelli and quite surprisingly Anna Tatangelo, whose song was Eurovision worthy me thinks. 
The previous nights votes (see below a graphic how the 16 finalists were chosen) will be zeroed so the race starts again. There is once aain the voting threesome: 40% televote, 30% expert jury and 30% demoscopic jury. After the first round there will be another round, once again the votes will be zeroed before that with the top-3.
Several guest stars tonight: Gianna Nannini (she was supposed to be with Massimo Ranieri (ESC 1971, 1973) but he's got flu), Pfm, Giorgio Panariello, Enrico Ruggeri (ESC 1993), Ed Sheeran, Will Smith and Margor Robbie and various cast members of a popular TV-series Bracialetti rossi and a musical Romeo and Juliet. 
Meanwhile the festival continues its success. Last night an average of 9.857.000 and 47,82% share. Over 12 million watched the first part of the show, including the newcomers final duels. The peak was during Nesli's performance with 60,90% share and 13.740.000!
So, tonight we will know the winner and in theory the Italian represent for Vienna 2015 Eurovision. In theory as no word has come out if that will be announced during the live show or only later. My guess RAI has already asked each and every artist if they would accept the job, and even the song (as they can also choose another song than their Sanremo entry but that doesn't make much sense, being a question of a winner who has already proven the song works) and Carlo, or Emma will ask then the winner so they can say Yes! A bit like happened with Raphael Gualazzi... Even if it took like 30 seconds. 
Anyways, two big favorites - that both would be great for Eurovision as well - to win it tonight: Il Volo and Nek. We can't rule out Chiara, Annalisa, Malika Ayene and Dear Jack either considering the votes have been zeroed and the press center votes are gone. They usually tend to keep those labeled by various talent shows low in their votes..... Now the televote will show its real power. get ready!

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