Saturday, February 07, 2015


Lithuania kicked out two singers tonight and we have only three left and they are all familiar to us already: Vaidas, Monika and Mia. They came 2nd, 3rd and 4th last year! One of them will represent Lithuania in Vienna 2015 Eurovision, but we don't know yet who. And most of all with which song....  Edgaras and Jurgis had to leave tonight after combined televotes and jury votes. The artists final is yet to come, as well as the song final but eventually they will get there!

Vaidas Baumila (02-01-05-06-02-3
Monika Linkyte (09-05-01-05-03-1
Mia (05-04-07-01-01-2

04. Edgaras Lybus (04-03-02-03-04-4 eliminated)
05. Jurgis Bruzga (07-09-09-04-05-05 eliminated)
06. Liepa Mondeikaite (06-07-03-02-07 eliminated)
07. Neringa Siaudikyte (10-11-08-07-08 eliminated)
08.Tadas Juodsnukis (01-02-04-08-eliminated)
09. Milita Daikeryte (03-08-06- 00 withdraw)*
10. Reda Striskaite (08-06-10 eliminated)
11. Wilma La (12-10-11 eliminated)
12. Rollikai (11-eliminated)

UPDATE: Also the songs hace been cut down to three: The right way, This time and Dangerous (SOS) remain in the race. This Saturday we will select the song, the week after the artist. Maybe?

UPDATE: The chosen song is This time

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