Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hungary's A Dal has been through three heats and two semifinals and we finally have the final and by the end of it the Hungarian Eurovision 2015 entry for neighbouring Vienna. Simple? As usual, I know I repeat myself, the line up is very good. For me A Dal has been for years now one of the strongest national finals around and this year is no exception. Below the acts and their points in the semifinals. Six qualified thanks to jury while Spoon and Bálint qualified thanks to the televoters.
Boggie and Adam start from the pole position. I'm not sure about Boggie's live performances even if the song is sweet and important. she has also always qualified thanks to jurors so will televoters like her, too? I like Ádám's song and his intense performance. Kati hasn't completely convinced me yet but it's good and will be easier to master when in English. Yet I don't think she would better her placement in Vienna from the last time so she should stay home this time and come back with something better next year maybe. Also Zoltán has a good one. The staging also works but then one can question if it's the right time to go for a military look? PASSED is interesting and hypnotic, but not maybe what I want to hear in Vienna this time. Spoon was voted in by the teenage girls I suppose. Not bad and the whistle and marching beat are quite catchy.... the only thing that might want me them for Vienna though is to go and steal votes from the Danish guys. Ív has a good song and she's interesting but something's a bit wrong there I think. It coud be better. Somehow. Bálint offers the only song in the final I don't care for. Good cabaret but this is Eurovision after all. But televoters sent him here so someone likes it. All this said I hope Ádám wins, if not Kati or Zoltan will be fine. Boggie, too, but she must be much more convincing on stage. 

Boggie (Boglárka Csemer) - Wars For Nothing (47)
Ádám Szabó - Give Me Your Love (47)
Kati Wolf - Ne engedj el (44)
Zoltán Mujahid - Beside You (43)
PASSED - Mesmerize (43)
Spoon - Keep Marching On (41, televoters)
Ív - Fire (41)
Bálint Gájer - That's How It Goes (38, televoters)

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