Friday, February 20, 2015


The rumours that Antti Tuisku would take part in #umk15 before the artists were out spread faster than forest fire in summer and were as quicky denied by his management. Yesterday he let the beast out and revealed his new single and video Peto on irti that translates to "beast is on the lose". The video is pure teenage hormones running wild and being more interested in eating banana while two girls are kissing right infront of his face does nothing to unfuel the speculation of his love life. But wo cares? Tuisku is and remains so far the only real pop star in Finland. And he would be so Eurovision worthy...... think about it Antti, ok?
He will be guest starring in tomorrow night's UMK15 semifinal. Do you think this could have been a good entry for Finland perhaps? This made #1 in iTunes within hours of its release today.
Last week Laura Voutilainen (ESC 2002), Virve Rosti (ESC 1987) and Krista Siegfrids (ESC 2013) joined forces to perform the unforgettable - for all the wrong reasons - Nuku pommiin (ESC 1982). 

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