Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hungary will have its first semifinal this Saturday. My favorites are Ádám Szabó, Karmapolis, Zoltán Mujahid, Vera Tóth, Timi Antal.... Now that was a very little review wasn't it? This said Szabó seems like the strongest one here, Antal could be very strong if she gets her act together, Vera can be hypnotic and mysterious and Zoltán has a very good act. I like Karmapolis a lot, but isn't it a bit same as Compact Disco? I still need to warm up to Boggie that scored so well with the juries and left me wondering why..... 
The songs were selected in three semifinals, five qualifying by the jury (you can see their given points below) and then one song was selected by the televoters from the remaining). I suppose the same goes for the semifinal (4+1). As usual the standard of the songs is very high, without being Eurovision plastic and Eurovision by numbers like is the case in many national selections unfortunately. Hungary will be a top contender in Vienna once again, unless something goes horrible wrong and the winner wins because of something else but the song.... 

Szabó Ádám - Give me your love (46 points) FINALIST
Boggie - Wars for nothing (46 points) FINALIST
Mujahid Zoltán - Beside you (39 points) FINALIST
Tóth Vera - Gyémánt  (39 points)
Pankastic! - Kicsi a világ, de nagy világ  (38 points)
Spoon - Keep marching on (38 points/televote) FINALIST
Karmapolis - Time is now (37 points)
New Level Empire - Homelights (34 points/elevote)
Antal Timi - Woke up this way (33 points/televote)

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