Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sanremo seconda serata will feature again ten artists from Big category with the same kind of voting as last night. In the end the top-6 will be revealed and the bottom-4, or the songs that are in risk of a elimination from the final. And let's see if those very good viewing figures will stay up. Me thinks La Wurst might just break the Auditel.... 
The newcomers will take on the stage for the first time. Four of them will perform in pairs, one is voted out, the other goes on. It's worth remembering their songs have been online for weeks now, unlike the Big songs that will be heard for the first time tonight. 
Tonight's guests besides Conchita Wurst (expected to be on screens just after midnight) are Biagio Antonacci, Charlize Theron, Vincenzo Nibali (cyclist), Marlon Roudette, comedian Angelo Pintus and Pilobolus dancers. 

I will be once again LIVE BLOGGING the whole evening so join me at 20.30

Chanty - Ritornerai
Kaligola - Oltre il giardino
Kutso - Elisa
Enrico Nigiotti - Qualcosa da decidere

Nina Zilli - Sola
Marco Masini - Che giorno é
Anna Tatangelo - Libera
Raf - Come una favola
Il Volo - Grande amore
Irene Grandi - Un vento senza nome
Biggio e Mandelli - Vita d'inferno
Lorenzo Fragola - Siamo uguali
Bianca Atzei - Il solo al mondo
Moreno - Oggi ti parlo cosi

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