Friday, February 13, 2015


01.15 Ok, results time.....Biggio e Mondelli out, Lara Fabian out with a lot of whistle and boos from the audience, Raf out! More whistle and boos.  And Tatangelo out..... Caccamo return on stage and sings his winning entry and for me it's buona notte, mondo! Tomorrow join me for the final!
01.11 Time for The Avener and Ariston turns into a discotheque again. Maybe.....
01.06 Stop al televote!
00.59 Enter guest star Giovanni Allevi with Loving you. World premiere. I admit, I have never heard of him. Looks like a nerdy teenager playing piano so beautifully..... Ah, he was also in the team that chose the songs for this festival.
00.50 Chiara - Straordinario. This sounds better and better. Beautiful piano intro, proper chorus, melodic, great voice, The outsider for the Vienna ticket maybe? She's very convincing. 9
00.45 Raf - Come una favola. Let's see or rather hear if he has won the bronchitis or are in for another painful performance.... And yes, he sounds better. His doctor must be better than Arisa's! Even the song sounds now better when you don't have to worry about his voice. Pretty romantic and melodic pop. 6,5
Now this was fun! LOL
00.36 Alex Britti - Un attimo importante. This takes ages to get going and when it finally does I have already lost interest.... 4
00.32 Nina Zilli - Sola. She's in glittery black tonight and again with a new hairdo looking stunning as always. Vocally in top form as usually and really belting out this blues of a lonely woman. Go Nina! 8 Huge applause!
00.31 We are back after TV-News and interview with actress Elena Sofia Ricci.
00.14 Marco Masini - Che giorno è. Also he seems more relaxed tonight and even manages to keep his eyes open most of the time. Well sung in his own way, but I'm not getting any special vibes from this song. Not bad. Not good. Typical, 6
00.13 Reopen the televote for the Big.
00.05 Stop al televoto! 56% votes for... Caccamo! He wins also Premio Mia Martini by critics and Premio Lucio Dalla, by the journalists. Hat trick! Jackpot! Only Rapahel Gualazzi and Arisa have won it all since there are all three awards.
23.56 Televote opened for the finalists, KuTso and Giovanni Caccamo. They re-perform their songs. Still not liking Elisa. No. But why Caccamo reminds me of Rosario Di Bella more and more?!
23.51 Stop al televote for the Big as it's time for the Nuove proposte final!
23.46 Dear Jack - Il mondo esplode tranne noi. This song goes nowhere. For me the biggest disappointment in this year's festival. I was thinking they could even be Vienna worthy but no way. The song is ruined by those annoying guitars and the singer just isn't up to it live. Monotonous flatness, that's what it is. 5
23.39 Malika Ayane - Adesso è qui (Nostalgico presente). She's great and has her own style but I don't like this song as much as I should after all, I think. I like to listen to it when I hear it but can't remember a thing afterwards. In Vienna this would go nowhere most likely. It could also be in a few days I will wake up this in my head and wonder what this song is... 7,5
23.31 Gianluca Grignani - Sogni infranti. Also he sounds much better tonight but it's a question of taste if you like his way of singing. The song is okeyish but heard so many times before. 4
23.22 Enter comic Gabrielle Cirilli. Time to take a selfie. Italians take over a million selfies every day..... Why I am not surprised?
23.11 Il Volo - Grande amore. Guys enter with huge applause and are in white shirts and dark blue suits tonight. Like everyone else they are singing better tonight so I guess they have fixed whatever it was with sound the previous nights. Good. Besides that Il Volo also does sing better tonight! Amazing vocals and yes, this is Vienna worthy and could easily end up winning for Italy. And I do like the song, too.  9,5  Huge, HUGE appaluse for them!
23.05 Anna Tatangelo - Libera. Anna looks very glamourous again in a long black dress. The song is a grower and has a vry beautiful melody and arrangement, with nice hook. She sings well tonight, looking absolutely stunning. Eurovision worthy? Absolutely, but it looks it's not Anna's year in Sanremo this time. 8
22.58 Time for some charity and Associazione Italiana Progeria Sammy Basso onlus. Check it out!
22.54 Lorenzo Fragola - Siamo uguali. He looks smart in his suit. Let's see if he gets the vocals right this time, the first night was a disaster. Yes, he is much better. The song is nice radio pop that you humm along before you know it. Nice arrangement. Still not strong enough for Vienna. Especially him, let's see again in a couple of years, ok? 7,5
22.47 Grazia Di Michele & Mauro Coruzzi - Io sono una finestra. Don't know really what to say.  Important text and idea, performed with feeling. 5
22.36 Surprise! Enter Ornella Vanoni..... maybe.... :-)
22.25 Lara Fabian - Voce. She's in black dress and receives a warm applause. Her performance last night has gotten attention and Italians seem to be taking a liking to her, after the initial "Who the f*ck is she?" Why this song makes me think of Ivana Spagna, is it because it's so 90's Lion KIng thingy? I find this a bit boring, I can listen to this but...  6.
22.20 Moreno - Oggi ti parlo cosi. Also Moreno makes hommage to Arisa tonight. She really made magic last night. Moreno is again in his blue smoking and fishfinger moustache. His song sounds better with the second hearing. Like most everyone also he performs better tonight. The arrangement has some nice details actually. Hmm... I'm warming up. 6,5
22.16 Biggio e Mandelli - Vita d'inferno. Like in Eurovision, also in Sanremo we have the occasional joke entries. This could be Elio e le storie tese who even finished 2nd ages ok. But these guys are not Elio & co. It's colorful and carchy yes, but do I want to listen to this again? Not really. 2
22.06 Antonio Conte on stage. Football stuff. All foreigners are now asking what's going on and why? why? why? Music will be back soon enough.....
22.00 Bianca Atzei - Il solo al mondo. She's wearing another strange dress of a mess. I just don't like her voice really. And the song is something we have heard so many times before, with uninteresting standard arrangement. Yawn. My vote has nothing to do with the fact the song is written by Kekko or the fact she maybe doesn't deserve to be among the Big. 3
21.58  Enter Rocio in a flower printed long dress.
21.47 Nek - Fatti avanti amore. He came out of nowhere and first all the Eurovision fans went wild, last night he conquered also Italians it seems. This is the most played Sanremo song in Italian radios the past days and he's topping the betting odds instead of Il Volo today. Great comeback! He has dropped the jacket but is still in black t-shirt and jeans. The song is great, catchy. He performs with pure joy and gusto and his voice is perfection. I always liked Nek but he hasn't really released anything this good since... err... Laura non c'è? He has album ready, Latin market is waiting and so is European tour. Vienna first, ok? 9,5
21.43 Irene Grandi - Il vento senza nome. This was a big surprise for me the first night. She's in a short black dress tonight. The song is beautiful midtempo, has great nostalgic atmosphere, she sings very well, the choir adds magic to right places. Go Irene! 8,5
21.41 Enter Emma in white long dress. She demands better music to walk down the stairs and after a few tries she's content and happy and not feeling like a trucker anymore. Her own words. She was discovered self irony big time :-)
21.37 Nesli - Buona fortuna amore. He brings flowers to Arisa who he thinks has revealed a greta hostess. Hmm... He's in red suit and performs his ballad with a lot of emotion. Much better than the first night. Maybe he picked up some confidence after all the good critic? After all he's been a rapper. I'm warming up to this slowly.... For now 7.
21.34 Arisa enters looking like Betty Boo and of course we talk about her last night's adventures with the doctor.
21.30 Annalisa - Una finestra tra le stelle. Annalisa is in a pretty foulard dress of white, green and blue. The song has a pretty melody, lovely piano arrangement, typically Italian and fits Annalisa's voice. I guess she will high quite up in the ranking this year. 8
21.29 Televote has been opened to all artists. Besides televote there's the expert jury and the demoscopic jury, that is basicly like the old good Eurovision juries before televote era.
21.22 We have again the fantastic dance act Pilobolus on stage playing with shadows. They go through all sort of musical styles, actually from old to new and different countries. Very good!
21.15 And the finalist is... with 52%... Caccamo. Now that was close. And took some time before the results were clear, too! So, the fnal later tonight is KuTso Vs. Caccamo.
21.09 Giovanni Caccamo - Ritornerò da te. Ok, his surname may sound a bit giggly but he's from Sicily. He starts by the piano before walking to the centre stage. He sings very well, I love the arrangement (those strings!) and he's the big favorite tonight. And he shouldwin, he may have a glorious career ahead of him. I give a 8,5
21.04 Next duel is between Enrico Nigiotti Vs. Giovanni Caccamo.
First Enrico Nigiotti - Qualcosa da decidere. I kinda like this. He sounds better tonight as well. Or have they finally fixed the sound problems? Or are they all more relaxed tonight? Anyways, this is catchy and nice, but is it enough to beat Caccamo? I doubt. 7,5
21.02 and the finalist is.... 58% for ... KuTso. Oh well....
20.58 KuTso - Elisa. The best of this is the guitarist in shower masked as Carlo. If I give votes based on how much I like to listen the songs, or if it will ever end up in my playlist and will I ever want to listen a song in purpose, this gets a 1. As I doubt I care to hear this ever again once tonight is over.
20.52 Amara - Credo. She sings better tonight and the song grows with further hearings. I'm starting to like this and I'm sure I will be singing this in my head when I least expect it. The gospel vibe is a nice touch. I give a nice 7.
20.47 Carlo thanks again for the great viewing figures, new records again. Tonight there's also an expert jury and next he presents them one by one and then we are ready for the first Nuove proposte duel, Amara Vs. Kutso.
20.46 Here we go again with the Eurovision theme. 
Here we go again, laptop's power and other technical issues permitting :-) It's going to be an exciting evening with a real winner. Who will follow Eros Ramazzotti (1984), Zarrillo (1987), Mietta (1989), Marco Masini (1990), Laura Pausini (1993), Andrea Bocelli (1994), Neri per Caso (1995), Syria (1996), Alex Britti (1999), Anna Tatangelo (2002), Dolcenera (2003), Arisa (2009), Tony Maiello (2010), Raphael Gualazzi (2011) and Rocco Hunt (2014)? Those are just some of the winners, names that are still present in the Italian music world, three of them even competing in this year's festival! While Ramazzotti, Pausini and Bocelli sell millions and tour the world regularly.
And tonight I'm going to give votes......

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