Friday, February 27, 2015


Moldova has had its two semifinals this week and we are ready for the final. I didn't watch the semifinals nor have seen the live performances later so can't judge how these songs translate on stage. Stela Botan is good, and I do kinda like Dana Marchitan's song even if it's pretty much ruined by the heavy accent. Doredos might do pretty well tomorrow night. Miss M could go either way but it's one of the better songs in the line up. Donita Gherman will propably do pretty well, too, but is it original? Fresh? New? No. Lidia Isac has some good incredients. A total makeover and remix of the song and it could be pretty ok. A change of singer would be advisable, too. Julia Sandu brings us back to 80's eurodisco and the most clichè rhymes. Romanyuta is apparently auditioning for the Backstreet Boys? Only about 25 years too late though. Marcel Rosca has gotten a Dima Bilan reject to sing. Also Glam Girls sound like old Bilan album track, what's going on?  Diana Brescan would bring to Vienna the same midtempo female song with heavy beats we already have enough of. Serj Kuzenkoff is in a league of his own. If it's a good thing is another matter. Mihaela Andrei stands out thanks to her voice, if nothing else. Irina Kitoroaga makes me think of some Diana Ross album filler from the 80's. And finally Sunstroke Project. How come it stands out as the only professional one among all these amateurish ones? Yet it isn't very good nor strong, is it? In the end there are only two songs that have something going on, Sunstroke and Stela Botan. This must be the worst national final of the season! Save Moldova, Stela & co! Below the songs in my ranking after one hearing (from 15 seconds to full song ;-) )

Stela Botan & The Cadence of Heart – Save Me
SunStroke Project & Michael Ra – Day After Day
Lidia Isac – I Can’t Breathe
Miss M – Lonely Stranger
Dana Marchitan – Love Me
Irina Kitoroaga – I’m Gonna Get You
Glam Girls – Magia
Mihaela Andrei – About Love
Eduard Romanyuta – I Want Your Love
Doredos - Maricica
Marcel Rosca – Feelings Will Never Leave
Donita Gherman – Inima fierbinte
Julia Sandu – Fire
Diana Brescan – Up And Down
Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu nazdravanu
Valeria Pasa – I Can Change All My Life

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