Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Ireland will have its final this Friday. In apparent lack of Irish songwriters and artists it's a bit international mix. Alex was born in Zambia, Erika is Swedish and it seems she even flies Timotej to back her up in the final. Eurovision winner Charlie McGettigan has written Kat's song, and Nikki we all remember as runner up in 2011 Irish final behind Jedward and doing the backing vocals in Eurovision 2010 for Niamh.
Alex is out first and the song doesn't just go anywhere. The rapping is useless and annoying. Next please! Kat offers a tender ballad with piano and violins in the classic Irish Eurovision mode. Beautiful and old fashioned but didn't this train pass already? Or would this stand a chance among all those fierce angry women with heavy beats in Vienna? Hmmm... maybe. Erika takes us to MF. If she was there she'd be one of my favorites propably. In Ireland I'm only asking myself why? Especially if Timotej will be there, too. Sounds like a winner though. Nikki next. I liked her the last time, now she's joined the screaming ladies with heavy beats club with another midtempo song (written by Swedes?) for Vienna. No. No. No. Please no. Molly has another piano ballad and a very interesting voice. Why am I thinking of Fleetwood Mac and Bette Midler all of sudden? And something else I can't put my finger on right now... I like it. So, summa summarum it's Molly or Erika for me. In that case Molly as she isn't Swedish. But what do I know?

Alex Saint and the MJs - She's so fine
Erika Selin - Break me up
Nikki Kavanagh - Memories
Molly Sterling - Playing with numbers

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