Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Estonia has its line up for the final next Saturday after two semifinal that I admit I didn't follow at all this year. So here goes, my little review.
This may be the first time we have a swing on stage thanks to Luisa. Her song is quite nice but not really going anywhere so the swing is very fitting prop for it. Strangely the running order has the songs in Estonian first and Maia offers a beautiful midtempo. Simple and effective but maybe not strong enough, is it? Oddly next in the line up is the biggest international favorite by Elina and Stig and indeed, I fell n love with this song the first time I heard it. It has a bit of classic Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave thing going on. In a good and different way. This must win. Period. Kali & co has quite an interesting song but doesn't really take the flight live either. Robin has already been to Eurovision and was much more interesting back then than this big band transformation. Daniel is the pretty boy of the season and has some screaming fans in the audience. Unlike the pretty boys usually he's gone for rockier sound than most. He even dives into the audience. This performance (if not the song) could be dangerous come Saturday. Elisa offers typical Eurovision song that could end up quite high on the scoreboard. The Blurry Lane is okeyish but not exciting at all I'm afraid. Elephants go for rock with maybe a hint of punk light in both song and staging. Last but not least Triin & John4. Pop with a hint of country, catchy and propably will do well in the end. The Common Linnets show the way. Summa summarum: Elina and Stig all the way. If not - and that would be so foolish - Triin & John4 or Daniel. Elisa and Maia as well. 

Luisa Vark – Minu paike
Maia Vahtramae – Ule vesihalli taeva
Elina Born & Stig Rasta – Goodbye To Yesterday
Kali Briis Band – Idiot
Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers – Troubles
Daniel Levi – Burning Lights
Elisa Kolk – Superlove
The Blurry Lane – Exceptional
Elephants from Neptune – Unriddle Me
Triin Niitoja & John4 – This Is Our Choice

Eesti laul final takes place this Saturday in Tallinn.

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