Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Time has come to Israel to pick up its artist for the Vienna 2015 Eurovision. The selecting process has been long, I mean loooooong, but we are left with four artists. Apparently the selection marathon as a mixture of talent show and reality tv has been a success in Israel so all they need is a worthy winner and a good song. It seems we won't hear their entries tonight, only pick up the artist. Israel, once the Eurovision superpower, hasn't reached the final since 2010.
We have in the running still Iki Levy & Rasta Hebrew Men, a group of nine people it seems. In case of victory some of them has to sit in the audience. Nadav Guedj has been labeled the Israel Justin Timberlake and he's more confortable singing in English so if he wins the Israel entry will be for sure in English. Avia Shoshani seems to be the biggest favorite, and she already has Eurovision experience as Moran Mazor's backing singer. Sari Nachmias is considered the weakest link of the final but who knows? 

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