Saturday, February 07, 2015


Denmark has chosen Anti Social Media and I'm not amused at all. The way you are made no impression one me, I had other favorites as you can read here. You can watch all the live videos here
Let's start with the winner. It never was among my favorites. It's like Beatles light with staging to match. Not bad, but... nothing special. They do perform well and propably will do fine in Vienna, it's just me. Anne Gadegaards's Suitcase is very catchy, well performed and with some originality. With her Denmark would have been one of my top favorites in Vienna. Did Emmelie's drums take away her victory? Julie Bjerre with Tæt På Mine Drømme did better than thought but it's ok as it was in my top-4. Very good staging and look, all fits perfectly and she looks her age. She totally deserved this. Then Cecilie and Hotel A, my number one favorite. Love the song, she did well but as I feared it's not so strong on stage, becoming a bit boring for some reason. Yet I love to listen to it. Babou with Manjana, Marcel with Når veje krydses and Andy with Love is love... three fillers no one wil remember tomorrow. Sara with Love me love me not even that. World of Girls with Summer without you.... they lost me with the intro vocals and nothing could save it anymore. And then Rene & Tina and Mi amore. Eurovision by numbers. Nice dresses, I can say this much. And singing about mi amore on an ice cold blue stage doesn't really warm my heart... brrrr...

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