Monday, February 16, 2015


Sometimes songs are written and published very quickly, sometimes it takes awhile before they find a way to be released. One of them is Italy's Eurovision entry Grande amore (yet to be officialized but as Il Volo has no other original songs in their EP to be released tomorrow....) It was presented for Sanremo 2003 by Francesco Boccia but didn't pass the selection and the song went back to drawer and was kept there waiting for the right occasion to bring it out, as was wished by late Sergio Bardotti, who thought it was perfect just as it is.
The song was dusted for Sanremo 2015 but not for Il Volo who had presented another song. Grande amore was ment for newcomers selection and duo Opera Pop, made of Enrico Giovagnoli and Francesca Carli. They weren't accepted because Giovagnoli has just passed the max age limit for newcomers, that is 36. Enter Carlo Conti who said Il Volo should take it, because he wasn't convinved with their original entry they presented for the commission. The group and their manager Michele Torpedine were understandably confused and worried but when Celso Valli slightly rearranged the song, and modifications were made for the lyrics to fit the trio..... the rest is history! Grande amore!


Anonymous said...

The duo Operapop is fantastic. I am very sad about this situation for them but I know they will have a great success in the future!!! Good Luck Operapop!!!

Anonymous said...

They are famous all over the word.... I saw them on a concert in Canada. Great exibition!!!!!!! :)


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