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22.53 Ok, here we go..... NO COMMENT
22.45 Stop televote! And then we have Softengine! :-) Nice acoustic Something better before moving on to Sirens. The band has matured nicely and they are good indeed. Great performance even if so dark you couldn't really see a thing......
Another recap as the lines are stillopen for the rest of the votes. The 90% of them.....
22.30 Time for results. The juries. Eurovison style voting. First Martat. Solju gets 12. Rainbow people next. PKN gets 12. Kids. Satin Circus 12 and zero for PKN. Kids are the truth and the future! Finnish Swedes next, with Krista's bf. Satin gets 12. Music writers next. Opera Skaala gets 12 and the snob Satin. Media people now. Satin 12 points and they snobbed PKN. Fans next. Satin 12 :-) And last jury is taxidrivers. 12 for Satin!
22.26 Time for Emma Salokoski. With an interesting dance act with lyrics of the song painted on their bodies......
22.25 It's official: there will be #umk16!
22.21 Almost time for the juries. There are 8 of them each with 4 people of different categories from taxidrivers to rainbow people, kids to Finnish Swedish, grannies and firefighters or something... 10% for them only though so it's most likely for the entertainment value only.
22.17 Back to greenroom with Roope. Talk with Jouni, PKN and Angelo. Kimmo tells Angelo is a weirdo.
Voting is still on and it's time to repeat the voting numbers and have a little recap.
22.06 Last is Angelo De Nile (or Kimmo Blom) and his All for victory. And it seems he just quoted me with Fire! Muscles! Drama! In some weird way I like this. Huge musical number. And Rome's my home town so.... 
22.05 Another educational video for those who plan to travel to Vienna..... ;-p
22.01. Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and Aina mun pitää next. Toilet break.
21.54 Jouni Aslak and Lions and lambs next. The same performance as before mainly. I never got this song. He sings well but it touched me in no way at all.
21.50 Greenroom with Roope. Norlan has copied Lordi's winning hat with the Finnish flag and Essi is asked about the karaoke video of her song. A-a-a-a-a-a-aaa.....
21.46 Time for Opera Skaala and Heart of light! Essi has sung several very important classical singing competitions. And they are very excited about the opportunity. And Essi is lovely. Enough said. Essi to Vienna! Ok, now let's hear the song.... :-) The staging is the same but there are minor changes I see and it seems the beat is stronger this time, just as we all have wished. Great stuff. She is vocally flawless. The pillars, smoke, outfits, all that would be just perfect for Vienna..... And it doesn't matter Italy already sends pop opera, it is so different. 
21.44 Time for a little touristic promotional film about Austria..... LOL
21.40 Next straight from Finland's Little Havana aka Moisio near Turku Norlan El Misionario and No voy a llorar por ti, reggaeton in Spanish. Very Finnish. Not. In the semi he had a bad flue and now he doesn't. Yet it is the same. Himon his bench and the dancers. Nice summer song but Vienna? No.
Roope reminds YLE will put online all the old Finnish national finals they have shortly. How cool is that?
21.34 Next on stage is Järjestyshäiriö and Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla. An ex-punk band turned into poprock band. Same as in semis but stronger me thinks. Better performed and more rockstar posing and it seems they have a good time on stage. Surely winning some polls and gaining the status as one of the favorites to beat PKN has given them a much needed ego boost! Some falso notes but who cares? The audience is screaming......
21.29 YLE has run a voting online of the most wronged Euroviisut enty and Nightwish won. They should have won in 2000 with Sleepwalker. Indeed. Before that YLE run some slogans on screen for tolerance and showed Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät in it. Could they be a bit more transparent maybe? Aaarg.... Then we visit the greenroom and Satin Circus tell that Paradise Oscar  is actually their ex-singer. He left when he went to Eurovision solo..... Time for a revenge!
21.24 Next mother-daughter duo from Lapland with their pop-joik. Solju and Hold your colours. They have the same performance with polar lights, dry ice and dancers. Snow falling down. Lappish exotism. Joik is strong but the rest of vocals maybe a little shaky. I like this but I always wonder if this is strong enough....
21.18 Next is Satin Circus and Crossroads, once again put to perform very early in the line up by YLE. Why? Their semi performance wasn't the strongest and they have promised a lot of changes to the performance tonight. Let's see. Dry ice and Paul making camera contact, it's already better :-) Much much better than the semi. Well done. A sax solo as an icing on the cake. And pyros. These guys are almost ready for Vienna now. 
21.14 Let's start the show. First is Finnish bhangra with Shava and Ostarilla. The staging seems the same as in semis. Very colorful and a lot of people in and out of their van. Glittery confetti falls down in the end to make it even more colorful and shiny. Pretty good performance but ... Vienna? I hope not.
21.08 Raakel Liekki is on stage as well. And Jon Ola Sand is here, too! He is asked to describe the Finnish Eurovision history in three words. Easy! Hard rock hallelujah! The voting procedure is explained next with the voting numbers that is now open.
21.06 The running order is revealed finally as the artists enter the stage:  Shava, Satin Circus, Solju, Järjestyshäiriö, Norlan El Misionario, Opera Skaala, Jouni Aslak, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and last but not least Angelo De Nile
21.00 Here we go. A lovely Austrian family is having a quite life in the Alps that is about to end soon...... Finns are coming! Then Roope Salminen enters the stage singing Pump pump with hanna Pakarinen and Fredi himself. The audience enters to a flash mob like pump pump pump.... 
Three semifinals later we have nine songs left. One big favorite to beat. PKN. Four main contenders to do that. Satin Circus. Opera Skaala. Shava. Solju. The first award has been given already: Opera Skaala won clerly the Finnish fan site's voting of their favorite. 
Eight juries "just for fun" made up of taxidrivers, kids, rainbow people and all sport of other minorities, like Finnish Swedes. They will weight only 10% while the rest is in the hands of the televoters. It is still unclear if there will be only one round of voting or a superfinal in the end. Depending on that the result may change significantly. But we will find out tonight. Join me at 8pm CET. The last live blog of the season. 

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