Sunday, February 15, 2015


The results are out and we can see Il Volo wins the first round's televote with 38,7% against Dear Jack's 10,4% and Nek's 9,6%. Expert jury preferred Malika with 26,3% followed by Nek's 20,0% and surprisingly Grignani with 11,3%. The demoscopic jury went had actually the top-5 in right order before favoring Nina Zilli and Irene Grandi more than their combined placing, and ignoring Grignani big time. 
In the superfinal Il Volo is favored by televoters with 56,2% against 33,4% for Nek and only 10,4% for Maika. The expert jury did the total opposite: Malika 39,9%, Nek 37,5 snobbing Il Volo with only 22,9%. The demoscopic jury placed nek first with 35,9% but Il Volo was close with 32,3% and Malika again last with 31,7 but very close!
All this summed up gives us 39,05 for Il Volo, 35,38 for Nek and 25,57 for Malika.
If we look at the first two nights, Nek won the first night by placing second in televotes behind Dear Jack and also a very close second in press votes behind Malika. Lara Fabian came dead last in both.
Il Volo won the second night hands down by winning the televote with almost 45% of the votes even if the press put them only 5th behind Irene Grandi, Marco Masini, Nina Zilli and Lorenzo Fragola. 
Check the details in these graphics. 

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