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Some surprises here. Anna Tatangelo and Moreno in bottom-4! I thought both would have had enough fans to keep them up but apparenty not. I would change Anna in top-6 and drop Raf or Masini to the bottom-4 and it would have been perfect. But then... it's not over yet. And this is all for tonight. Thanks for joining in and see you tomorrow! Buona notte mondo!
00.35 Results time! 
00.26 After some football talk with Javier Zanetti enter Marlon Roudette with When the beat drops out and Teatro Ariston turns into a discotheque for a moment. Sort of. 
Emma brings flowers and jokes about her 21st place once again....
Oh, there's an interview after all!
00.02 Midnight, enter like Cinderella. Conchita Wurst! With Heroes
23.57 We are back and while waiting for la Wurst some comedy press conference again....
23.43 Televote is open again for all artists and recap runs in screens. Zilli, Il Volo, Grandi my favorites tonight, Fragola and Tatangelo also ok. Tonight again 50-50 televote and press center's accreditated 1300 journalists. Before Conchita Wurst some "comedy acts" again.... Oh, it's Claudio Amendola! And with him I am wondering again if the make up artists are not so up to date with their tricks as there have been so many under eye bags this year. Or should we blame the lighting department? 
23.39 Last Big for tonight, Moreno with Oggi ti parlo cosi. Reality show winner and rapper. This is different from all the rest. Traditionalist won't liek this but his fans/televoters will. I'm not very impressed. He's in badly fitting black suit and papillion. 
23.37 Enter Arisa with bicycle.
23.34 Enter Vincenzo Nibali. Cyclist. May 9 Giro d'Italia starts from Sanremo. Building bridges...
23.28 Rocio presents the second last Big. Bianza Atzei debuts in Sanremo and many are asking why as they think she should rather be among the newcomers. Indeed. Her song is Il solo al mondo. She's wearing.... black, white and red. It looks like her legs are trembling.... Her rusty voice hits the song we have heard a million times before. And there are voices like this around, starting from Emma. (Where is Dolcenera?)
23.23 Carlo remembers now Pino Donaggio and his Io che non vivo senza te aka You don't have to say you love me, 80 milion copies sold in 50 years since it was presented. Another Sanremo worldwide success story. Elvis, Dusty Springfield, Anastacia.... all have sung it. He also gets the Sanremo award.
23.18 Enter Biggio e Mandelli, two comedians turned into singers. Maybe. Vita d'inferno is their song. And this circus act has taken place from some serious artist who wanted to take part? Say Dolcenera. Mietta. Anyone. Sigh. Catchy cabaret maybe. And they even slipped a bad word that was ment to be covered by BEEP.
23.17 Enter Emma ... in black and white.
23.12 Enter Rocio and we have a publicity break. Como siempre. 
22.55 Time for some comedy with Angelo Pintus. Time to check the fridge me thinks..... talk about briosche and rest took me back to TV and actually he was kinda funny making fun of French. Mais oui..... ;-p
22.48 Fresh X Factor winner Lorenzo Fragola next. He sings Siamo uguali. He's in black. And silver/grey. This is the poppiest song (along with Nek) so far. Somewhat nervous performance and apparently some problems with the ear piece but nice song. Further listenings will tell which direction this goes for me. But for now it's on the positive side but not sure about the Vienna files for this anymore.....
22.43 Emma presents next artist, Irene Grandi. Her song is Un vento senza nome. Iene is wearing dark brown. I have never been a huge Grandi fan but I liked this a lot. She's usually been much rockier but this was almost a ballad. Beautiful, melodic, well sung, great presence. The biggest surprise so far for me maybe. As I expected nothing. Well done, Irene!
22.42 We are back. Aah... finally we remember Mango! With a dance act by Rocio and a chap to his Lei verrà, his Sanremo entry in 1986. As we remember Mango died of heart attack during his concert in December last year. Such a miss....
22.22 Enter Charlize Theron. I wonder why? Ah yes. Promotion for her new film. Bal bla bla.
22.16 Back in game. Il Volo next with Grande amore. Emma tries to introduce them but the audience breaks in applause. And yes they are in black! Leather even.  The song is pretty much as I expected, maybe less dramatic and more pop. They sing the usual way, one by one before exploding in a chorus with all three voices. Eurovisionesque? Absolutely. Lovely arrangement with piano and violins, the big orchestra really got some work on this one! Huge applause! Standing ovation even it seems. The guys seemed visibly emotional, this stage can put fear one anyone..... in Vienna it will be less scary and emotional for sure....
21.59 Time for the Italian megasupergueststar. Biagio Antonacci. Me likes. Like Tiziano Ferro last night he sings a medley of his greatest hits. Like Tiz last night he performs in a very relaxed way owning the stage and the Ariston. His career actually started here in 1988.... Anyways, this mixing artists in competition and so called superguests is at times a big confusing. I would see Antonacci in competition without any problems. He should. Also Tiziano should. And Eros. Giorgia. Laura....
Anyways, after interview he sings late Pino Daniele's Quando. He's remembered also tonight then. What about Mango?? I'm only asking..... 
21.51 Enter Rocio in a long golden dress. Like from the others, Carlo asks her how her last night's debut was and she's happy of course. Seeing Albano and Romina was like a dream, she used to watch them in telly in Spain when she was a kid.... Didn't we all? (Not in Spain but in different places...)
21.45 Arisa introduce Raf singing Self control. He returns to festival after 24 years! Come una favola is his song. He's wearing black - surprise! But with some little diamonds in his jacket. The song starts very slow with only piano, grows towards the end. Once again melodic Italopop. Not bad, but I think I have heard better from him in the past. Vocally pretty mediocre, and emotion is no excuse. 
21.41 And we move away from music for awhile. Enter restaurant man Joe Bastianich. .. this seems to be another attempt for humour... sigh... 
21.35 enter Emma. Short red lace for her. And time for Anna Tatangelo and Libera. Anna's 7th time, will she pull Sanna Nielsen? She's also in black and white performing her slowly growing ballad, very traditional and melodic, somewhat nervous performance maybe. I kinda like this. Nothing original but nothing wrong either. Could even work in Vienna.
21.24 Enter Arisa in black trouser dress with some pink. And off we go to the next Big..... Che giorno è by Marco Masini. He has already won both Nuove proposte and Big in the past. Typical Masini song of Italian melodic poprock scene. Maybe not among his stongest entries but his voice makes it interesting. At least a little. And yes, he's wearing black. Very casually.
21.24 Nina Zilli and Sola. In a short golden dress with some red, red shoes. Isn't she lovely? Her song is very bluesy, 60's, very Zilli. A grower I think. She gets a huge applause. 
21.20 Back in business. Carlo repeats the voting system, and the orchestra, and the quys taking care of the stage, and the audience last night.... And we continue with the first big :-)
21.17 We are back on air with some dance act playing with shadows and celebrating New York among others. Nice and original.
21.10 Stop al televoto.... 52% for Enrico! Now this part of the show is over for tonight and we can go back to normal. Anyways, it was nice and good to have the newcomers perform first instead of after midnight as it has been for so long. After all, they are the future of the festival and need to be treated better!
21.05 Next Chanty and Ritornerai. In "postcards" they show these artists got to know they have been selected for the festival. She qualified through AreaSanremo contest. She's sporting a short black lace dress with some white stuff on it. One could say this is a typical Sanremo ballad but she does pretty good job with it but I feel something is missing. So my vote goes to Enrico.... am I wrong again?
21.01 And we move on to Enrico Nigiotti Vs. Chanty. We start with Enrico Nigiotti and his Qualcosa da decidere. This is nice enough, quite catchy and among the favorites to win this year. Ok performance, but maybe a bit nervous....
20.58 Stop al televoto. Kutso wins with 59%....
20.54 Time for Kaligola and Oltre il giardino. Director of orchestra his grandfather. Soft melodic rap from this 16-year-old from Rome. Quite pleasant and the better one out of this two, no doubt, for me. He's very casually dressed and gives quite a relaxed performance.
20.50 Kutso starts the show with Elisa. Clearly not my cup pf tea, propably the worst in whole festival, me thinks. Bad vocals, un-funny, shouty and unoriginal. Is that enough? Only interesting thing was that guitarist dressed up as a flower pot....
20.47 Enter Kutso and Kaligola. The first duel. Finally someone dresses up properly!
20.45 In minutes we will eter Teatro Ariston once again. Tonight wil start immediately with the newcomers or Nuove Proposte. Four of them will perform and two will be voted out. Carlo enters and thanks the over 11 million people who followed the festival last night. And the short explanation how the Nuove Proposte will go on.
Here we are ready for tonight's live blog. I will blog live once again the whole evening startting 20.30. It's going to be an interesting evening........ Join me!

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