Saturday, February 21, 2015


22.20 And the last one is.... Angelo De Nile!
22.18 The next one is... Järjestyshäiriö!
22.17 Time for the truth. The result is here.... The first finalist is..... Solju! :-)
Antti Tuisku takes the stage now with first Hard rock hallelujah that turns into his new single Peto on irti. He's from Rovaniemi just like Lordi so it's all fitting and this discoversion fits him well. Please record it!
22.11 Stop televoting!
Cristal Snow is there as "expert" and predicts Angelo and Järjestyshäiriö to the final and can't decide on the third one. Or something. We cut short and repeat the voting instructions and recap.
We are back to greenroom and it's Kimmo, I mean Angelo. We talk about food.... and Raakel is speechless for once and moves on to Järjestyshäiriö's table. Heartbreaks is the topic. The band is also in Tinder, just that you know... how it works with a band is another matter. Heidi next and she confesses she's a bit mervous for a live broadcast. But she's enjoying every moment!
21.50 Last but not least a real Queen, a tango one. Heidi Pakarinen and Bon voyage. A little bit of real schlager. Also she has taken clue from her video with red dress and blonde curls. Katri Helena is there to wish her well on the way to the stage. She comes out as a very bubbly and funny lady indeed! She starts sitting and laying down on stage before being joined by six tango dancers all over the place. Well sung and well performed but this sooooo Tangomarkkinat, not #umk15...
21.41 Time for the easiest name for foreigners in this year's #umk15 and the song title is as easy: Järjestyshäiriö and Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla. The backdrop is the same as in their video and it's the typical rockband performance, pretty decent vocally. The song is upbeat and quite catchy. Let's see if they manage to qualify after all.
Then we are visiting green room and talk with Solju about the life in the north and all the rest. Then Aikuinen and we talk about Siiri of course. Ida is very happy with her performance and she hope the world is a bit better place now. And then we talk about the swinging....
21.31 Next is Angelo De Nile and All for victory. Angelo is Kimmo Blom's alter ego and has brought some gladiators from Ancient Rome with him. It's like a part of a musical, I almost forgot to comment as I was just staring at the performance. Fire. Muscles. Drama. Angelo plays the part of the insane imperator very well and is almost scary.....
Raakel then interviews some fans in the audience.
21.22 Time for Ida Bois and Kumbaya. Ex-skateboarder and mother of three is ready for her breakthrough in music business. She tells her lyrics are ironic and we do not have all the time in the world to save the world. Now though it's time to go on stage... On the way she meets Nina Åström!
She's in a forest and in a swing, alone on stage. This is the swing year (ref. Estonia). In the EDM parts she swings and the backdrops turns into a laser display and all in all nice original performance, well sung. This indeed is the hardest semi to predict! What will Finns fall for?
Raakel tells #umk15 has been a triumph on Twitter this season.
21.15 Next up is Aikuinen and Kyynelten lahti. His dog Siiri is along and has a seat in the VIP section of the audience. He plays it very cool and relaxed like he's got no worries of the world.... The same continues on stage and he has kept it minimal after the over exploded video clip. Actually very nice. Fireworks and smoke decorate the colorful backdrop. Great job! Could this be a surprise qualifier?
21.09 Time for the first act. It's Solju and Hold your colors. They have been promoting Jon Henrik in Sweden in Facebook all evening. Samis everywhere! Joik will rule the world! Tonight at least.... Hilda comes out as Enrovision fans and says she's pretty nervous but luckily her mom is there with her. Greetings in Sami are send to all people up north. Green polar lights, dry smoke create a magical atmosphere and they have dancers. A lot of Lapland flags in the audience. The joik is wonderful and brought up a little me thinks from the previews, just as I wished. Dramatic, exotic and very nice! Oh, and Hilda is glittery and modern dressed while mom's in a traditional dress.
21.00 Here we go. With the recap of last week's events. Then the dancers are on stage to the sound of La dolce vita....Then we get some words of wisdom or comments by the Eurovision artists related to their participations. Or maybe things they should not have said at all..... The voting opens and the rules are explained next as usual.
Join me again 20.00 CET for the third and last semifinal of #umk15. We will get some Sami exotism, propably snakes, half naked gladiators and who knows what else! Antti Tuisku will be there, too. 

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