Thursday, February 12, 2015


The moment the news broke (and devided the Eurovision fans all over Europe like nothing ever before except the decision to drop the live orchestra back in 1999) that Australia will be taking part as a competing nation in the Eurovision song contest 2015 in Vienna Kylie Minogue's name was dropped. She'd be by far the most obvious choice. Kylie is known all over Europe, she's pure pop. She's 100% Eurovision. We want Kylie! There is already a petition to make it happen. 
There's also a rumour Australia is not paying the participation fee so they can use that money on her, can't they?
Kylie has 25 years of career behind her already and 70 million sold records in her sleeve, countless hits and bubbly likablle personality, she can pull a mean show and sing surprisngly well live, witnessed also by yours truly in a Helsinki concert some years ago. Interestingsly her calendar is also free from April to mid-June so it's perfect! 

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