Wednesday, December 03, 2014


What would an Italian entertainment show be without pretty girls in various stages of undress, so called "vallette"? Sanremo festival is a good example of such, often hiring international top models who can't speak Italian but three words per evening, seven changes of dresses and a big smile takes you a long way in Italy. Sometimes Sanremo goes the other way having comedians like Luciana Littizzetto, the total opposite of the previously mentioned (but so much better if you ask me), or sometimes real actresses or artists like Anna Oxa. And now, out of the blue the rumor is out Carlo Conti wants to have Emma Marrone co-hosting with him. Let's see if this will become reality and will Emma be the one to announce who will go to Vienna for Italy and better her placement...?
This would be Emma's third Sanremo after placing second in 2011 with Modà with Arriverà and winning the year after with Non è inferno. As for the juicy gossip Belen Rodriguez was hosting that year just month's after Emma's boyfriend had dumped her for ... Belen! Drama!

Oh, Emma won't be alone. The other valletta could be.... Arisa! But that's still top secret...)

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