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Sanremo's Newcomers category, whatever it has been called over the years, was the talent show long before anyone even dreamed of various Idols, X Factors and Voices. Truth to be said, it may have lost a bit over the past few years when names like Eros Ramazzotti, Giorgia, Laura Pausini and Andrea Bocelli have not emerged from it and today's Marco Mengonis come from other formats. This year Sanremo has promised to bring the new talents in to the spotlight and prime time unlike the previous years when they have usually perfomed and been voted around 1am....
But through the hard times the category has served a passage to the main category and this year is not an exception. Eight of the 20 artists have started their career in Sanremo Newcomers, three of them winning it. All of them have returned to Sanremo multiple times since their debut, and Masini has also won the Big category in 2004 with Uomo volante. Here's the list:

Marco Masini - Disperato - winner 1990
Nek - In te - 3rd in 1993
Irene Grandi - Fuori - 4th in 1994
Gianluca Grignani - Destinazione paradiso - 6th in 1995
Alex Britti - Oggi sono io - winner 1999
Anna Tatangelo - Doppiamente fragili - winner 2002
Malika Ayane - Come foglie - finalist in 2009 (only the winner was announced, Arisa)
Nina Zilli - L'uomo che amava le donne - 3rd in 2010

Here are their further entries: Marco Masini 1991 - Perche lo fai, 2005 Raccontami di te, 2009 L'Italia
Nek  1997 - Laura non c'è, Irene Grandi 2000 La tua ragazza sempre, 2010 La cometa di Halley, Gianluca Grignani 1999 Il giorno perfetto, 2002 Lacrime dalla luna, 2006 Liberi di sognare, 2008 Cammina nel sole. Alex Britti 2001 Sono contento, 2003 7000 caffe, 2006 Solo con te. Anna Tatangelo 2003 Volere volare, 2005 Ragazza di periferia, 2006 Essere una donna, 2008 Il mio amico, 2011 Bastardo. Malika Ayane 2010 Ricomincio da qui, 2013 E se poi. Nina Zilli 2011 Per sempre

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