Monday, December 29, 2014


Like last year I decided again look back and see who provided the soundtrack of my year 2014, or the albums I have listened and loved the most.
One album stands above everything else for some many reasons, Valentina Monetta's Sensibilitá. I was able to follow its progress and shaping up, and then follow her to Copenhagen and experience such joy and happiness along with the team I will never forget. But also because it's a great album. Very variable in material but Valentina sings her way through the styles and songs with grace and dignity and shows what a talented vocalist and songwriter she is. Ralph Siegel has provided the Eurovision material including her entry Maybe and the other initial possibilities Guardami ancora, Il fiume and the title track, but Valentina explores other styles and rhythms in her own songs Il vento, Hotel, Per te, Molto di più.. An icing in the cake is A kiss, duet with Josh De Cadenex, one of the many guests on the album. This bloggers favourite is Viaggio samba, written by and performed with her brother Vincenzo. This is a timeless album that will be played in this household for years to come....
Alice released Weekend just two years after Samsara, a surprising move considering she took 14 years before Samsara to come up with an album with original pop songs. Weekend is very much sounding like you think Alice album sounds this decade. Ten well performed and arranged songs including her Sanremo 2014 entry Veleni that wasn't accepted for the festival. Their loss as it's fantastic and one of the best Battiato songs for some time. Battiato is also duetting with her in La realtà non esiste, a tribute to late Claudio Rocchi. Just like her solo L'umana nostalgia, previously sung in duet with Rocchi himself. Tante belle cose is a Francoise Hardy cover while she covers herself in Viali di solitudine. Luca Carboni duets with her in Da lontano, following their previous duet in his album, La farfallina. Un po' d'aria, Christmas, self penned Aspettando mezzanotte and Qualcuno pronuncia il mio nome complete this album that will find a place among the best Alice albums when time goes by.
Eva & Manu, a Finnish-French duo released their second album Cinnamon hearts this year. I loved their self titled debut to bits and this new one has been on constant play ever since it came out, too. They have moved on, the sound is more electronic, bigger but their vocals and the feelings are there. With this two albums they have an owesome set for live concerts. Besides Cinnamon hearts Empty and There is nobody like you have been released as promo singles so far and gained a major airplay. Papi, Between us, The world is too busy, Save me, I've learned, Guardian and Kathey complete this very enjoyable album. 

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