Sunday, December 14, 2014


Since Carlo Conti announced the doors are open for foreign artists in Sanremo as well, not as guests as usual but also as competitors in the Big category fans have been wondering. Amii Stewart's name popped up immediately as she's wellknown and working and living in Italy these days. But it didn't just feel quite right after all. Now, the past few days th pieces seem to be falling a place and it all comes up to Lara Fabian. The worldfamous anti-Celine Dion even has a connection to Italy as her mother comes from Sicily and she spent the first five years of her live in Catania. Then they moved to Belgium, where her father comes from. In 1988 at the age of 18 she represented Luxembourg in the Eurovsion with Croire and finished 4th in the contest won by beforementioned Celine Dion. This blogger loved her and didn't care much for Dion back then but over the years I have taken a liking to Dion while Fabian has stayed a bit indifferent... Fabian took revenge in Dion's homecountry and made it big in Canada while Dion was away, then moved on to conquer France and the rest of Europe and eventually the rest of the world. She sings in various languages and has sold millions of records.... 
Would she put herself in a game and participate in Sanremo as a competitor when she could be the international guest star? If so, I take a pow and hope some others will follow her example in the future, also the Italian names.... We will find out this afternoon, stay tuned!
It all started with Croire, but her biggest hits include Je t'aime, Adagio, Deux ils deux elles. Her latest is a Turkish collaboration Make me yours tonight.

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eric said...

Yes she will, she going to perform a italian song named voce which produced by Turkish singer and producer Mustafa Ceceli. Also they worked together Fabian's last English single album Make me yours tonight.


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