Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Cyprus returns to Eurovision after one year's break and makes it with one of the longest - if not the longest - national selection process this season. A total of 55 entries will be on the run in the first phase with seven weekly shows. Then there will be another selections to narrow them down to ten first, and finally six for the final.... Judging what was in offer this first episode it's going to be a long winter..... Apparently the artists sing an Eurovision song and their own entry to the jury that varies with guest jurors like Christer Björkman at some point.
The first show with nine songs took place last Sunday and we have the first qualifiers for the next step:

Aimili Charalambous – Right in
Charalambous “Luna” Joseph – I wanna dance (I say tempo)
Maria Evangelou – Still

These didn't make it:

Nikolas Leventis – Chlomi seleni
Nikolas Mavromichalis – Ena kafe mazi
Christodoula Tsaggaras – Kori tis messogeiou
Iphigenia Loukaidou featuring Lyrical Eye – Remember my love
Elena Kousi – Just another girl

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