Saturday, December 06, 2014


December 6 is the Independence Day in Finland and the traditional way of celebrating it is infront of the TV where an hours long live broadcast from the Presidential palace takes place. Being a sober democracy the ladies here don't get many chances to dress up like royals or Hollywood stars so one of the main focus of the evening is What are they wearing? The media speculates and comments the dresses and poor you if you end up in the list of the worst dressed or make some major etiquette mistake. Anyways, Helsinki 2007 hostess Jaana Pelkonen is now a MP and thus invited to the ball. She has been every year one of the most photographed and stylish and best voted ones, and this year she had a surprise for us: She wore one of the dresses from Helsinki 2007 Eurovision, the green one by Teemu Muurimäki. Recycle! Yes. Way to go, Jaana. 
For Jaana the presidential ball is a special in many ways; here she met her fiancée in 2007 when she was invited thanks to the job well done in Eurovision. A cadet who was there to dance with lonely ladies. Last year she told she won't get married until the equal marriage law passes in Finland. It did last week so let's see if we will hear some wedding bells soon....

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