Saturday, December 27, 2014


Alexander Rybak may be the overwhelming winner of Eurovision 2009 but his comeback to contest seems to be failing everywhere. He tried in Norway and Malta and nothing worked. He was supposed to win the Belarusian, his native, selection hands down but no... only 4th last night. 
He has published a FB video being extremely disappointed: "I went on tours in many places around the world and wherever Europeans said bad things about my homeland, Belarus, I defended it. I said it has a good system. And they say: "What kind of system? It 's all corrupt. "And I continued to defend it. But now I do not know what I'm defending. Every year I meet the Belarusian delegation and they tell me: "Sasha, please, write a song for us? What we have to do to win the Eurovision?". So I wrote a song, spent a lot of time, a lot of money. I found some very talented girls and I wrote a song on authentic and pure Belarus, as I see it. And the jury now rejected it. I also made the sacrifice of not spending Christmas with my parents. But it did not do anything. All in Europe have supported us, experts, Eurofans and here the jury decided to slap us in the face. I met this jury beforehand, I met them one by one. I remember when I was sick, a guy from the jury came, asked to take a picture with me. I smiled, we took the picture and told me: "I will always support you." And this would be the way I have been supported? I hope to never see this jury again because it will be very difficult for me to be happy and want to smile. "
Oh well, on the other hand, could it be the jury was not corrupted this time and just voted for the song they thought was the best one? It's easy to say I will support you when you haven't heard the song, isn't it? Miracles happen, like I never thought I'd be supporting the Belarusian jury for example.... And his act didn't win the televoting either.....

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