Monday, December 08, 2014


The long Swiss 3some has come to an end after live auditions yesterday and we have the six finalists. The German speaking entries are from Andy McSean, Timebelle and Tiziana. Tiziana is no surprise, and I was pretty sure Timebelle would please the jury as well and Andy is a pleasant surprise in the line up. The French ones are Licia Chery and Mélanie René while the Italian one is Deborah Bough that I find a bit surprising.... At this point I think I'm for Andy, followed by Timebelle and Tiziana. Licia is bubbling under and might surprise live while for me Mélanie and Deborah are out for now....
The next step is the final in the end of January 2015.... Who is your favorite?

Andy McSean - Hey now
Timebelle - Singing about love
Tiziana - Only human
Licia Chery - Fly
Mélanie René - Time to shine
Deborah Bough - Take me back to 23

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