Friday, February 14, 2014


The third Melodifestivalen 2014  semifinal takes places tomorrow and it has alredy been described by some fans the weakest in history. Are also the die hard Mello fans waking up and smelling the coffee? Melodifestivalen has been going downhill for a long time what comes to music, that's what this blogger has been thinking for a long time already. Just a few years ago a clear priority to watch and follow, this year quite frankly I'm yet to see it live even if I have it on my telly.... The other finals that have been colliding with it have just been more interesting. 
Listening the snippets of tomorrow's songs I must agree with the criticism and will turn in to watch something else most propably. Indeed it has become something to watch, not to listen. The show's great but the music? Hmmm... Even Shirley Clamp can't save the night. Ace Wilder sounds like Madonna's demo from Hard Candy sessions, dr.alban is a great addition to the line up but clearly not at his best... I would send to the final EKO and Outtrigger, or CajsaStina just for the fun of it. Shirley and dr.alban to second chance.... But who knows how this ends... surely nor the MF nor ESC winner is here....

Outtrigger - Echo
EKO - Red
Oscar Zia - Yes we can
Shirley Clamp - Burning alive
State of Drama - All we are
CajsaStina Åkerström - En enkel sång
Ace Wilder - Busy doin' nothin'
dr.alban & Jessica Folcker - Around the world

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