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Do join me tonight 9pm CET for live blogging from the 64th Sanremo festival. Scroll down for more articles what's been going on until now and what will happen tonight. #JoinMe!

21.01 Here I am, made it home finally. The Kessler twins are dancing on stage.....with Luciana! They are part of RAI's history as they were popular showgirls in the 1950's and 1960's :-)
21.06 After Fazio reminds what happened last night, and why the show was so delayed it's time to start the competition. The first one is Francesco Renga.  First song is A un isolato da te. A classic Italian pop ballad, a bit like L'Essenziale last year, only not that good. He's one of the favorites and this song will propably go very far. Maybe.
Vivendo adesso, written by Elisa is his second song. Another typical Italian midtempo pop ballad. Hard to say which one goes to final. I maybe preferred the first one, even if I adore Elisa. And here are again Alice and Ellen Kessler to reveal the fact. 56% for Vivendo adesso. Ah.
21.25 Here comes Giuliano Palma, a debutant. He already sung with Nina Zilli a couple of years ago and Nina has written his first song, Cosi lontano.  And indeed this could be in Nina's latest album. Nice 1960's feel to it. Me likes.
Then comes Un bacio crudele. Motown light. His vocals seem a bit weak I'm afraid. This would have ingredient for something great, a summer hit. But it feels a bit flat unfortunately. Could Nina sing this instead? Armin Zoeggeler, six Olympic medals in six different Olympics on stage to announce the result. 58% for Cosi lontano. Bene.
21.44 And we move on to Noemi after a long list read by Luciana and Fabio of things beautiful, the theme of this festival. But first, Un uomo è un albero.  Her neck piece might steal the show. Her new album has been made in England and indeed her song doesn't sound so Italian. It even includes some lines in English, "never give up"... Not sure if Italians will vote for this nor if I like it that much... Next is Bagnati dal sole. Slightly more uptempo, filled with sunny good feelings as the title suggests. She smiles, claps her hands and tries to make it work but is it me or the orchestra that feels a bit tired tonight? Cristiana Collu, the youngest female director of a museum comes for the results. I guess the second one will go on... and indeed 66% for Bagnati dal sole. Since 2010 the songs written by foreigners can take part in the festival. They're still a rarity.
21.58 Next Renzo Rubino. He was last year in the newcomers selection with the song that went "love me, man, with the hands of a man..." Let's see what he brings us this time, this blogger has a little soft spot for this guy. Ora is the first song.  he sits by the piano as usual and the song's arrangement is filled with nice little details. Nice. I like.
Per sempre e poi basta comes next. A tender piano driven ballad, almost a waltz. Towards the end it grows and the orchestra joins in big time. I have no idea which one Italians will pick up, maybe the latter. After all Rubino is the big unknown in the Big category, and his addition here has been critized a lot. But he does get a huge applause for this one! Kasia Smutniak enters for the results. But it's 53% for Ora.
22.14 Actress and not only Franca Valeri enters the stage. A legend.  94 years old. A phone call to mom. And then Luciana enters..... and continues the monologue to her mom, who's not watching RAI1 of course.... A short talk about the old times and standing ovation.
22.26 The contest continues. Next is Ron. He debuted back in 1970 when he was only 16. Un abbraccio unico is the first song. Lovely piano arrangement and yes, again a typical Italian midtempo pop ballad. But that's what they do best and surely beats those made-for-Eurovision plastic uptempo songs the national finals are infested with.  
Sing in the rain is his second song. This would win if this was the national final as it's folksy with whistling an acoustic guitars, lol. So, Ron's very updated what goes on in Europe it seems :-) Ron is tonight's surprise or me, never was a fan but I liked both songs. Let's see which one goes on. Gian Antonio Stella will reveal it for us.And yes, Italians are with the vogue as well, 57% for Sing in the rain.
22.49 Time for the guest star of the evening, Claudio Baglioni. He is BIG. His Questo piccolo grande amore is considered the best Italian pop song ever.  And indeed that's the one he sings for us. It is a fantastic song. A medley of other his successes follows.... Standing public of Ariston gives him a thundering applause. A triumph. It's his second time there, first being in 1985 when he wasn't in the contest either... Oh, he goes on with singing..... and then pubblicità!
23.23 Finally we go with the contest. Riccardo Sinigallia's turn. Prima di andare via is his first entry. Nice acoustic feel to the song... why am I thinking of Hop hop somarello all of sudden? Not bad. If only he didn't look so miserable all the time...  
Una rigenerazione follows. Not bad but not very original either. The arrangement has its moments but makes me think is it only because of the big orchestra or are these little details also in the studio version? Time will tell.... I clearly prefer the first one.Veronica Angeloni will tell us which one it is.... And with 70% hop hop Prima di andare via somerello it is!
23.39 Time for the last Big of tonight, Francesco Sarcina. First Nel tuo sorriso. Very Bond-esque arrangements. And very Renga-esque to my ears. Quite pleasant.
In questa cittá is his second song. I guess I prefer Emma's La mia cittá. He sings like he was drunk, rather boring. Yawn... Clemente Russo will come and tell us which one qualifies.... but first Sarcina takes some selfies on stage. Is that proper? 71% per Nel tuo sorriso.
And if you thought this is it, how wrong can you be? Around midnight is a good time to start the Newcomers selection! Luckily none of them is underage so they can all perform.... this time. But first ads and TV-News.....
23.58 We are back. And here's Rufus Wainwright, whether Papaboys like it or not. Cigarettes and chocolate milk first.  Not quite the gay messiah they were expecting, is it? A little small talk with Fazio about human rights and Rufus and his life and accepting himself.
And the also a cover, Across the universe. And then pubblicità. After that finally the newcomers. Unlike the Big the songs by newcomers have been out for a long time by now, online and everywhere, they even all have their videos and some have been released physically as well. Two out of four will qualify for Friday's final. This selection has given us names like Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, just to name a few :-). And Giorgia, but she didn't even win....
00.15 Here we go. First Diodato with Babilonia. Quite nice one. He sings fine the falsetto parts and handles well the terror of being on stage of Teatro Ariston.
00.22  Next Filippo Graziani and Le cose belle. His father is the famous Ivan G. More uptempo this one, but rather medicoe effort, he's better than his self penned song.
00.28 Next Bianca with Saprai.  Rather boring ballad by a rather good singer but nothing special I'm afraid....
00.32 And here's the last one, Zibba with Senza di te. Newcomer is relative here as he has already a long career behind him. This is my favourite out of these. With him to the final Diodato, please!
00.38 Fabio entes in pyjamas and who can blame him? Four hours and counting.... zzzz.... Results!
But first pubblicitá!
00.46 Here we are. Diodato! Zibba! :-) What did I say? :-)
That's it. Good night! And thanks for readin! A domani!


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