Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Sanremo 2014 starts with fewer viewers than last year. In average 10,9 million (46,09%) tuned in to watch the show. The first part of the evening was instead 12,5 million (45,77%). That's about 1,7 million less than last year for the first part, and almost 2,5 million for the second part that also dragged later on the night.

Last night's show was partially stolen by the protesters that had managed to climb up the ceiling of the theater and started shouting from there stopping the show and causing a general confusion. The most media coverage went to them obviously. Mission completed and hopefully worth it.

Tonight Rufus Wainwright will be among the guest stars. Catholics and so called Papaboys aren't very happy to have him on stage. They are organizing sit-ins and prayers both in Rome in front of RAI's offices as well as in Sanremo. Not only is he openly gay he has also a song called Gay Messiah, that seems to be too much.Truth to be said, the song's some ten years old and surely not will be performed in Sanremo.Yet, there are threats of legal actions against him and RAI.... 

More news, gossip and live blogging tonight when the fun continues..... Stay tuned!

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