Saturday, February 15, 2014


The third Melodifestivalen 2014 semifinal was the first one I saw this season and I have heard and read before proved to be true: uninspired and rather boring, I'm afraid. The presenters... oh well, where is Lena Ph when you need her? Or Petra Mede? I thought Outtrigger would make it but in the end it was the pretty boy bubble gum pop that had its best before date a long time ago that sailed to the final by Oscar Zia. And surprisingly Ace Wilder with the song Madonna and Avicii would make together if forced to. The bands Outtrigger and State of Drama went to second chance while dr alban and Jessica Folcker finished 5th (also this had it's best before date a long time ago), Shirley Clamp looked like she was suffering the Carola-esque wind machine at least as much as I would with an eye infection and made it only to 6th. In the end maybe she deserved more. At least a new stylist, that woman needs a serious makeover! CajsaStina had a lovely song that sounded a bit like Eva Dahlgren in the old days but she was also having problems with the lights/winds/nerves whatever made her look so unconfortable and scared. EKO was fun and I was keeping thumbs up for them but came last. Why am I not surprised?
Ace Wilder: Busy doin' nothin'
Oscar Zia: Yes we can
Second Chance:
Outtrigger: Echo
State of Drama: All we are

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