Monday, February 17, 2014


Hungary concluded its two semifinals for A Dal 2014 final last weekend and we have the eight finalists now. From both semifinals two songs were chosen by the jury, another two by televoters of the remaining ones. In the second semifinal Kalláy Saunders was the winner but Dénes Pál and Fool Moon tied with the jury vote. They chose Fool Moon in the end but Dénes Pàl then qualified thanks to televoters. It should be all laid out for Kállay Saunders win with the jury support and most likely also the televoters. However, we have no clue how the jury favorites will feature with televoters as they have never been televoted before the final. In theory at least. Last year Kállay Saunders won the televote and ByeAlex was the last and fourth entry to make the superfinal by jury votes but emerged as the winner when televoters got their say! This blogger is all for Kállay Saunders, but there are a couple of other very good ones as well: Bogi, Dénes and Fool Moon....
Here are the finalists and how they were chosen (Jury score + J = jury, T = televoters)

András Kállay Saunders - Running (40 - J)
Viktor Király - Running out of time (39 - J)
Fool Moon - It can't be over (38 - J)
Bogi - We all (38 - J)
Dénes Pál - Brave new world (38 - T)
Honeybeast - A legnagyopp hos (37 - T)
New Level Empire - The last one (36 - T)
Depresszió - Czak a zene (34 - T)

The Hungarian final A Dal 2014 will take place next Satuday, February 22, 2014 in Budapest.

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