Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hungarian A Dal 2014 has selected it's 18 semifinalists that will be cut to 8 for the final with the usual system: two saved by the jury, additional two by the televoters. below are all the qualifiers with their previous heat's jury points and how they qualified, J for jury, T for televotes:

Viktor Király - Running out of time (40/J)
András Kállay-Saunders - Running (38/J)
Dénes Pál - Brave new world (38/J)
   Joni - Waterfall (36/J)
 Marge - Morning light (36/J)
 New Level Empire - The last one (36/J)
 Bogi - We all (35/J)
Fool Moon - It can't be over (35/J)
 Heni Dér -   Ég veled (35/T)
  Leslie Szabó - Hogy segíthetnék (35/J)
Group 'n' Swing - Retikül (34/T)
Ibolya Oláh - Egy percig sztár (34/T)
Depresszió - Csak a zene (33/T)
Muzikfabrik - This is my life (34/T)
Honeybeast - A legnagyobb hos (34/T)
 Gigi Radics - Catch me (32/T)
  Lilla Polyák - Karcolás (31/T)
Mystery GangJátssz még jazzgitár (31/T)

This blogger's favorites are Kállay-Saunders, Joni, Bogi, Fool Moon, Ibolya Oláh, Lilla Polyák.... However the standard  of songs is once again very high in Hungary and there are several worthy winners.....  It may all come down to the live performance in the end. 
Hungarian semifinals take place this Saturday and Sunday.  

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