Sunday, February 23, 2014


While I was zapping from one stream to another with Latvia, Spain and Hungary, a quick look to Macedonia and Sweden in TV the evening went on slowly in Sanremo. Luciana was a bride, Stromae seemd drunk (and so did Cristiano De Andrè who won the Premio della critica Mia Martini), Ligabue came and sung... and in the end Riccardo Sinigallia sung his disqualified song that in the end is maybe the best of them all, me thinks. Love it.
Televoting was on, the jury voted and way after midnight the results were out who made the top-3 and would be revoted by viewers still awake and the jury. And there's a surprise! No Renga! Instead two men sitting by a piano and a Minnie Mouse!
The top-3 is Renzo Rubino, Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots and Arisa, in an order of re-performance.
00.22 We start the superfinal. First with Renzo Rubino with Ora.  He's adorable and the song is nice, but I never thought it would go this far! I even preferred his other song, and he was actually awarded with the other song. He's having one great festival! I guess him winning would be a real shock to many! My guess he'll be third after all.
00.29 Time for Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots and Liberi o no.  This ending this high is also a surprise, if we think what typically succees in Sanremo. This year is a real groundbreaker! Will they win? It would give a really different winner for a change. My guess is 2nd place....
00.36 Arisa has already taken two palmtrees home, winning the Newcomers and coming 2nd in Big. Will she add another plant to her collection? I think so and I'm pleased if she does. Her Controvento is lovely, and the most Sanremo-esque... Now can't help about thinking of Eurovision.... Hmm... Most likely it would have been her in the end if Sanremo was used this year for it.... Anyways this is a great comeback for her to the music scene after judging X Factor for a few seasons and not singing and recording that much.Funny fact if she wins is that she was the first one to sing this year, just like Mengoni last year. Mengoni with his first song though, Arisa with her second....
Another interesting fact is these three all have particiated in the newcomers, Arisa and Raphael winning it. Renzo was in last year, he came 3rd.
00.45 To kill some time and televote the newcomers will sing bits and pieces of their songs once again.And Luciana has achy feet, as you could here by accident from the backgroud, lol.
00.59 Stop the televote, Bling! After pubblicità we will know the result.....
01.02 The award for the best lyrics goes to....  Cristiano De André for Invisibili. Earlier he also won the Premio della critica Mia Martini.
And the winner is.... ARISA!!!! Her comment: "Tutto ok!" She got 50% of the votes, Rahael second with 26% and Renzo third with 24%....
Detailed results (if available) and stuff tomorrow, now good night "against the wind of one who doesn't believe in miracles..."

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