Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Updated with links to videos Feb 27, 2014

Tomorrow evening at 20.00 CET internally selected Mei Finegold will present her three entries, each with a video. The videos have been filmed around Israel; in Tel Aviv, in Hameginim forest near Jerusalem and in the Israeli railway museum in Haifa. Two of the songs have been selected among the 78 proposals she got, one is writtten by herself. After the show the voting starts while the videos will be put on IBA's website for all the world to seee and hear. The results will be revealed on March 5, 2014. 

Be proud (Mei Finegold)
Same heart (Rami Talmid)
Nish’eret iti (Loren De Paz-Chen Metzger Eder)

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