Monday, February 03, 2014


The second Latvian semifinal took place last night and Dons and Markus Riva made it along with Ralf Eilands and Vaters Pūce, Katrine Lukins, Eirošmits and Katrina Bindere. They will join the final line up on February 22, 2014. I wouldn't be surprised if Latvians go for Ralfs again... and among others we had twin drum set on stage, black Madonnas, bearded men (to honor Ms Wurtz maybe?), a barechested male completely out of place, Kylli-täti (Finns know this only, sorry!) with a disturbing bulge shot, nerd with groovy moves, classic wardrobe gimmick, Marie N.... it's all there! Oh well Mad Show Boys' staging may have sounded great on paper and it does, but on stage it just didn't work then.... More practise and a very sharp caemra work would have made it work, me thinks. Now it was a mess. Shame. But the song's great! Another song wasn't, it was off key all though it.

Ralfs Eilands and Valters Pūce – Revelation 
Katrine Lukins – You are the reason
Mad Show Boys – I need a soul-twin
Markus Riva – Lights on
Anete Volmane – Breathe slow
U.K. (Rolands Ūdris) – What if it was
Katrīna Bindere – Moment and tomorrow
Andris Kivičs – Pa vidu tu
Sabīne Vidriķe – Is it possible
Sabīne Berezina – Pressure
Eirošmits – If I could (get away)

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