Thursday, February 06, 2014


Malta will select its entry this weekend. Being one of the most Eurovision crazy nations on planet it's always fun to see and hear what they get up to. On the other hand, the shows tend to drag on like Sanremo festivals at worst in the 1990's and even this time the interval act guest stars list seems to be endless, all from last year's Eurovision winner Emmelie De Forest presenting her new song Rainmaker to this year's Swiss and Ukrainian representatives SebAlter and Maria Yaremchuk along with local names like Junor Eurovision winner Gaia Gauchi, Red Electric, Winter Moods, The Crowns and Gorg u Powlu. Eurovision veterans Ira Losco and Gianluca Bezzina will host the shows. 
The 20 songs in the semifinal will be cut to 14 for the Saturday final by an international jury including Sammarinese Alessandro Capicchioni among others and televoters. The line up includes two previous winners, Fabrizio Faniello and Miriam Christine. After listening the songs for a few times the past few days my top favorites are pictured above :-)

Chris Grech - Oblivion
Romina Mamo - Addictive
Jessika Muscat - Hypnotica
Andreana Debattista - Now and forever
Daniel Testa - One last ride
Raquel Galdes - Invisible
Fabrizio Faniello - Just no place like home
Wayne William - Some kind of wonderful
Ryan Paul Abela - City lady
Christabelle Borg - Lovetricity
Pamela Bezzina - Take me
Sophie DeBattista - Let the sunshine in
Franklin Calleja - Love will take me home
Miriam Christine - Safe
Deborah C - Until we meet again
Firelight - Coming home
De Bee - Pin the middle
Davinia Pace - Brand new day
Corazon Mizzi - Ten

Update: Some somewhat surprising choices in Malta. Eurovision veteran Fabrizio Faniello is out. So is Romina Mamo and Miriam Christine, my two favorites. And Andreana Debattista, Raquel Galdes and Corazon Mizzi..... Tonight the final. Go Christabelle! Go William! Go Firelight! De Bee!
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