Sunday, February 23, 2014


The final of Sanremo festival was watched by fewer people than ever in the history of Auditel or since 1987. "Only" an average of 9.348.000 people turned in. A far cry if compared to last year for example when it was 12.997.000. With the same hosts and team behind it. Sanremo is Italy's Melodifestivalen only that MF drags on for 6 weeks, Sanremo 5 days. Both have faced serious problems this year.... time for a change for both?
But happier news in iTunes. Today around midday Arisa is in the lead followed by Francesco Renga at no 2, then Rocco Hunt at no 3, Noemi no 5, Giusy Ferreri no 11, Perturbazione no 16, Sinigallia no 18, Gualazzi no 22, Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc no 24, Renzo Rubino no 25, Zibba no 27.... 16 other songs have made the top-200 so far... Time will tell who stay and climbs, who drops and vanishes. 
The only official compilation album will be out Tuesday with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni-magazine and includes only the final songs of the Big + all the Newcomers + a few songs by the international guests.
Meanwhile Noemi has been the most tweeted one over the five days of the festival, over 42.000 tweets. Dubious fashion sense surely helped to get that award! The top-5 is completed by Rocco Hunt, Francesco Renga, Arisa and Sarcina.

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