Monday, February 10, 2014


Martynas Kavaliauskas made it this far in the endless Lithuanian selection. Now he has been eliminated/disqualified by the broadcaster  LRT. More than half of his televotes were declared invalid after LRT took closer look at them and this also postboned the announcement of the result of the last Saturday's elimination round. Martynas is out, originally he came 2nd in the televotes it seems.... This selection has been going on since December 1, 2013 and this blogger has really lost the track of what's going on and also the interestes to find out really but Lithuanians seem to love the show, even so much it has been extended for their viewing pleasure.... So, after a closer look these aetists and songs are still in the running (maybe):

Vilija Matacinaute: Blowing out cobwebs / Dying
Vaidas Baumila: Attention / Is this the way
Monika Linkyte: You found me / Let's share that love tonight
Martynas Kavaliauskas: Worlds apart / Take a look at me now

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