Monday, February 03, 2014


Spain has revealed its five entries today and it's quite a solid group of songs, but none jumps out and screams winner. Brequette gives us another Thomas G.son-Tony Sänchez Ohlsson collaboration. Some say it's a bit too similar to a song I have never heard of and already forgot the name of, but all I can think of is drip drop, drip drop... Jorge González goes for a more Spanish sound and this blogger thinks it's time to have that sound back in Eurovision! La Dama brings in some drama, a bit of Spanish and old school Eurodance. Nice mix. Rául Fuentes went for the Spanish rhythms in 2000 but goes the romantic ballad style this time, a bit like Sergio Dalma and Paloma San Basilio back in their days. Last but not least, Ruth Lorenzo with her massive rainstorm that really goes nowhere.... I guess my faves are Jorge and La Dama, but what do I know? Listen here.

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