Sunday, February 23, 2014


Sanremo's final didn't attract as many viewers as usually and end the flop season in that sense with a flop final, only 9,3 million ( 43,5%) against last year's 12,9 million and (53,8%). But the top-3 turned out b´not very Sanremo-esque when really a newcomer Renzo Rubino came third, Gualazzi with the Bloody Beetroots second and Arisa won. Well, Arisa is quite Sanremo after all, isn't she? While waiting for the detailed results here is the votes for the top-3

Televote: Arisa 58%, Gualazzi 23%, Rubino 19%
Jury votes: Arisa 42%, Gualazzi 29%, Rubino 29%

Here is the list of the other awards given out:

Premio della Critica Mia Martini for Big: Cristiano De Andrè for Invisibili
Premio della Critica Mia Martini for Newcomers: Zibba for Senza di te
Award for the best lyrics Sergio Bardotti: Cristiano De André for Invisibili
Award for the best arrangement for Big: Renzo Rubino for Per sempre e poi basta
Award Lucio Dalla, given my the journalists: Perturbazione for L'Unica
Award Lucio Dalla, for the Newcomers: Zibba for Senza di te
Premio Emanuele Luzzati for Newcomers: Rocco Hunt for Nu juorno buono
Premio Assomusica for Newcomers: Rocco Hunt for Nu juorno buono

Let' s have a look at the songs presented by Arisa: Controvento, Lentamente, Cuccurucucu
This was her fourth Sanremo. In 2009 she won the newcomers with Sincerità, the year after she was among the Big with Malamoreno, then in 2012 with La notte she came 2nd.

Apparently the results are as follow:

1. Arisa
2. Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody beetroots
3. Renzo Rubino
4. Francesco Renga
5. Noemi
6. Perturbazione
7. Cristiano De Andrè
8. Frankie Hi.Nrg Mc
9. Giusy Ferreri
10. Francesco Sarcina
11. Giuliano Palma
12. Antonella Ruggiero
13. Ron 

Full results here

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