Friday, February 21, 2014


Spain joins Latvia and Hungary selecting their song tomorrow night. Five pretty strong candidates and fans already gearing up for their favorites. 
Brequette with Mas (Run). Apparently the biggest favorite by eurofans. I kinda like this but can't help thinking drip drop drip drop when listening to it, that might be more for the heavy arrangement instead of the melody itself. Powerful, yes, but kind of that triumphs with the live performance or slowly fades away and becomes a little bit akward. And yes, this comes from the Swedish factory of G:son.
Jorge Gonzales with Aunque se acabe el mundo. More Spanish, or very Spanish infact. Something that would be great to have back in Eurovision. Just maybe not strong enough? Anyways, full of sunshine, holidays and good feelings musically. There's always the chance it will be ruined with a too busy choreograhy and nonsense on stage.
La Dama with Estrella fugáz. Also somehow very Spanish but with Eurodance twist. This could be a mother to some awesome remixes. She's got nice voice and I like the arrangement, but she must be vocally in perfect form not to mess this up. Maybe not quite perfect for an Eurovision 3 minutes form, lacking a good ending.
Raùl Fuentes and Seguir sin ti. Typical Eurovision ballad straight from the 1990's. Oldfashioned but there are always fans for this kind of songs (and I'm not talking about eurofans here). Pleasant but maybe not the best choice for Copenhagen 2014, is it?
Ruth Lorenzo with Dancing in the rain. When I heard Ruth Lorenzo I was waiting for something I don't know what but this isn't it. Suffers from the same overproduction as Brequette's song. Propably the winner will be one of these two anyways, whoever delivers better live on stage. Tomorrow we will know!

Listen to the final versions here. Beware of even more added overproduction!

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