Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Poland returns to Eurovision after a break of two editions. And they make it big and viewer friendly. The song in question has had over 38 million views on Youtube and after being a huge hit in Poland is starting to get airplay also in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, it seems. And curiously it seems the Polish TV asked them after a public demand as they were flooded with suggestions and pleas to send Donatan and Cleo to Eurovision.... They asked, the artists in question were in game and here it is. My Slowianie/Slavic Girls. It's a parody of Slavic imaginary abroad and tongue in cheek lyrics to some modern beats. Most fans seem to be thrilled, some even screaming Winner! but this blogger thinks three minutes of chanting, hand clapping and half naked breasts isn't just enough. But a fun choice anyways. Here's a taste of the possible staging live.

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