Sunday, February 23, 2014


Aarzemnieki has won the Latvian final with Cake to bake. So the acoustic folk trend continues. They beat Samanta Tina and Dons in the superfinal.

 JURY vote:
1.       „Revelation”, Ralfs Eilands & Valters Pūce,
2.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons,
3.       „I can breathe”, Aminata Savadogo,
4.       „Cake To Bake”, grupa „Aarzemnieki”,
5.       „Stay”, Samanta Tīna,
6.       „Going All the Way”, grupa „MyRadiantU”,
7.       „Moment and tomorrow”, Katrīna Bindere,
8.       „If I Could (Get Away)”, grupa “Eirošmits”,
9.       „Saule riet”, Olga un Līgo,
10.   „Lights on”, Markus Riva,
11.   „Here I am again”, Niko,
               12.   „You Are The Reason”, Katrine Lukins.
 Televote. Total of 14745 votes
1.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons, 2426  balsis,
2.        „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’, 2398 balsis,
3.       „Saule riet”, Olga un Līgo, 1960 balsis,
4.       „Stay”, Samanta Tīna, 1302 balsis,
5.       „Moment and tomorrow”, Katrīna Bindere, 1298 balsis,
6.       „Here I am again”, Niko, 1269 balsis,
7.       „I can breathe”, Aminata Savadogo, 948 balsis,
8.       „Revelation”, Ralfs Eilands & Valters Pūce, 905 balsis,
9.        „Going All the Way”, grupa „MyRadiantU”, 686 balsis,
10.   „Lights on”, Markus Riva, 632 balsis,
11.   „If I Could (Get Away)”, grupa “Eirošmits”, 541 balsis,
12.   „You Are The Reason”, Katrine Lukins, 380 balsis.
Due to the heavy internet traffic the online voted for the finalists were not counted and included in the final results. However, analysing the vote proportions, it is definite that the online vote would not have affected the final results.
Jury vote at the superfinal:
1.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons,
2.        „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’,
3.        „Stay”, Samanta Tīna.
Televote at superfinal consisted of phone calls, txt messages and online voting. 3877 votes were received online:
1.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons, 1551 balss,
2.        „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’, 1529 balsis,
3.        „Stay”, Samanta Tīna, 797 balsis.
It was the "phone" vote that determined the Latvian ticket to Copenhagen. In total 9758 votes were received:
1.       „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’, 3949 balsis,
2.        „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons, 3830 balsis,
3.       „Stay”, Samanta Tīna, 1979 balsis.

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